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Breaking the corporate form – the continuing evolution of decentralised digital governance structures

In this article, Sharon A. Beesley and Bourn Collier consider the rise of a new business structure involving decentralised forms of business conducted on blockchains or distributed ledgers, referred to as decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). Bermuda is a leading jurisdiction for digital asset (or crypto-asset) business and the authors consider key challenges and like characterisations of the new structures.

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2023 Guide to Bermuda’s Digital Asset Business Regulatory Regime

Bermuda successfully launched the Digital Asset Business Act (DABA) in 2018 which established the foundation for a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework designed to support and facilitate growth in the financial technology (Fintech) sector. The digital asset business regulatory regime also encompasses prudential rules (including the Digital Asset Business (Client Disclosure) Rules 2018, the Digital Asset Business (Cybersecurity) Rules 2018, and the Digital Asset Business (Prudential Standards) (Annual Return) Rules 2018) which help to ensure that Bermuda is a leading jurisdiction in the regulation of digital assets and the regulatory regime is fit for purpose.

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2023 Investment Funds Guide

This Guide provides a brief overview and gives general information relating to the law and procedures for the establishment and operation of investment funds in Bermuda. It has been prepared to assist parties interested in establishing an investment fund in Bermuda and to give a summary of the law and procedures relating to the establishment, operation and ongoing requirements under Bermuda law. It is not intended to be comprehensive but to provide an outline of the laws and regulations which we hope will be of use to our clients while deciding the type of structure that is appropriate for their business objectives.

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2023 Speech from the Throne Guide

This Guide provides a brief overview of general and sector-specific changes intended to impact the Bermuda business community, as announced in the Speech from the Throne delivered by Her Excellency the Governor Ms. Rena Lagie on 3 November 2023.

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2023 Privacy Guidance

Our Counsel, Governance & Privacy Gretchen Tucker  has recently authored a 2023 Guide providing an overview of the activities of the Government of Bermuda and the Privacy Commissioner, Mr. Alexander McD White. The Guide summarises some of the key initiatives of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (PrivCom) during 2023 and informs Bermuda organisations (and overseas companies interested in establishing a Bermuda office) on privacy developments and industry engagement during this “new normal” era.

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