Intellectual Property in Bermuda

Bermuda is a large Intellectual Property (IP) centre as its developed, and business focus, and infrastructure have created an allure and need for an IP framework. Many well-known brands and companies are represented and conduct business in Bermuda. Traditionally, many multinational and blue chip companies have benefitted from utilising Bermuda strategically to capitalise on particular tax benefits. A typical structure would result in a Bermuda-based company collecting fees and other revenue associated with the intellectual property they hold and to the repatriation of funds in accordance with Bermuda’s strategic legislative framework. Although recent economic substance requirements have created the need for a company to show economic substance in Bermuda, many companies subject to the economic substance requirements see the benefit of remaining in Bermuda and implementing substance within the jurisdiction to support the advantages offered by Bermuda’s IP framework. The prevalence of a global economy has made IP protection essential in this technological age. The continued growth, use, and development of the internet, technology and their associated goods and services, has led to the erosion of traditional geographical borders. As a result, it can be difficult to determine the origin of such goods and services and easier for fraudsters to pass off their goods and/or services.

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